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  • Kay Wolf
  • 有对民房和商业房资深的经验
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  • 现服务于:Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Property
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房地产业的职业经纪人KAY WOLF 最近加入了位于加利福尼亚州CARLSBAD的著名地产公司BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY.她被特别批准从事住宅与商用地产两方面的销售。KAY为当地企业的房产研讨会免费提供服务,给各企业的成员们带去了实实在在的益处。例如她对首期援助,住房维修以及房屋产权的演讲与咨询都对企业成员提供了巨大的帮助。 作为商业地产顾问,KAY 专注于办公室的租赁与购置。她丰富的房产管理经验和渊博的投资交易知识都使客户受益匪浅。KAY在办公室租赁与购置的成功记录中亦包含有医疗办公地。目前她涉足于商业地产投资销售以及本地开发商的土地项目。 KAY 注重教育的价值。她本人在日本东京一所私立精英大学完成了会计学士学位后,来到了美国。之后她完成了美国国家房地产协会提供的雇主协助房屋课程并取得圣地亚哥房地产协会职业证书。这一认证允许她指导本地企业,留住最好的员工。 作为住宅上市代理,KAY 致力于运用自己独到的公式发掘与销售客户的地产:即合理定价,创新营销和分期咨询相结合。她代理的房屋都能很快的卖掉,并获最大利润,这一切来自于KAY 对房屋的综合分析能力,包括会计师的精算力。她独特的营销,包括敞开家门,经纪人团队以及在特别媒体的定位上,例如 Facebook, Linkedin, Craigslist, 以及 微信等。 作为买方的代理,KAY可以帮助她的客户找到最适合的地产,满足他们所爱。通过分析和谈判价格,并正确执行合同。 之后她会提供后续计划给买家,再关闭他们的交易。 她的服务包括主办新房主首次聚会、 提供社区资源以及介绍当地的供应商等。 Career real estate professional Kay Wolf recently joined Berkshire Hathaway in Carlsbad, California. She specializes in both residential and commercial real estate sales. Kay offers complimentary presentations to local businesses who choose to offer housing seminars as fringe benefits to their team members. She brings tremendous value on topics such as downpayment assistance, homeownership maintenance, and building property equity. As a commercial real estate consultant, Kay specializes in office leasing and purchases. Her property management experiences and investment transaction knowledge are valued by her clients. Kay’s track record of success with office lease and purchasing, retail space including medical offices. She is currently involved with commercial investment sales, and land projects with local developers. Kay values education. She earned her B.A. degree accounting at an elite private university in Tokyo Japan before moving to the United States. In May, she completed the Employer Assisted Housing course offered by the National Association of Realtors® and certified at San Diego Association of Realtors®. This certification allows her to guide local businesses who aim to retain great employees. As a residential listing agent, Kay is committed to list and sell her clients’ properties with her special formula: the combination of right pricing, innovative marketing, and staging advice. Her home sellers are able to sell quickly and net top dollar with Kay’s property analysis that includes a comprehensive CMA home value. Her unique marketing that includes open houses, broker caravans, and positioning on social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Craigslist, and WeChat. Working as a buyer’s agent, Kay helps her clients to find the right properties they love, analyze and negotiate the price, and execute the contracts correctly. She offers a purchase follow-up program to the buyers after their transaction is closed. Her services include hosting a house warming party, providing community resources, and giving referrals to local vendors.


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