Listing Promotion

In MeiFang8, after the broker registration (free of charge), the realtor can upload up to 1000 listings, all of which will be displayed in the corresponding list of cities on the front page. To the right of each listing, all contact information is displayed. Buyers can find a broker while searching the listings. Realtor advertising is also embedded on the website.

Agent Promotion

Realtors can submit listings to, and select them from, MeiFang8’s database. The site will display the listings, along with the realtor’s contact information, in the database by the corresponding city or zipcode.
A huge amount of listings with timely update
Accurate and fresh to show to customers
Powerful customization with a free personal webspace on Meifang8
Save realtors time and money
Well promoted across diverse channels
Significantly increase sales and transactions

Featured Agent for the City

On the website, click the “cities” tab at the top. Every city is divided into four sections, with recommended brokers for each area, which customers can select from. The recommended broker is the first thing the customer will notice, and they can click on his or her photo to enter his or her personal space and view the listings.

Webpage Banners

MeiFang8 gets half a million of unique visitors per month, and we have a multitude of fans on WeChat. They are all potential customers who intend to purchase properties in America. MeiFang8 is an excellent platform for property promotion. All companies or teams who need promotion are our customers. MeiFang8 sincerely welcomes our business partners for further discussion.
You will be the first to be notified about potential buyers
Large number of page views
Priority turnover
Greater attraction of potential customers
Allow the realtor to sell more effectively
One on one advertising